We are centrally located for you to enjoy some of the best fishing in the state of Alaska. Just minutes from both the World famous Kenai River and the Kasilof  River.
The Kenai River has many public access  sights that offer bank  fishing for  all the salmon runs ( Kings, Reds, and  Silver  Salmon). If you prefer, guided services are available for your fishing pleasure. The record King was caught by Les Anderson on May 17th 1985 weighing in at 97.25lbs. You can see this WORLD RECORD  KING at the Soldotna Visitor Center. And what a sight it is!
The southern Peninsula offers many places to fish for halibut. There are many charters to accommodate your fishing needs and schedule.
Eldon Swensen on his first halibut trip, 50 pounds.  Good catch!

For information on where to fish,  the best times of the season and locations. Go to this site   
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Soldotna is located along the Banks of the Kenai River
 Kenai River 1,2
 King Salmon
 1st Run: mid-May to early July

2nd Run: early July to season closure on July 31. 2
Red Salmon
 Mid-July to early August.
Silver Salmon
 1st Run: late July to late August.

2nd Run: early September thru season closure on September 30. –Closed to Fishing for Silvers Aug. 1-Aug. 3
The Russian River empties into the Kenai River in Cooper Landing and is a beautiful 45 minute drive North of Soldotna
 Russian River 2
 Red Salmon
 1st Run: mid-June to mid-July

2nd Run: mid-July to season closure on August 20
The Kasilof River is a quick 20 minute drive South of Soldotna
 Kasilof River
 King Salmon
 Late May to season closure on July 31
These rivers are located in Ninilchik, which is a scenic 35-40 minute drive south of Soldotna
 Anchor River, Deep Creek and Ninilchik River
 King Salmon
 Late May to late June.  This is a “weekend only” fishery. Consult regulations closely before fishing here.
Silver Salmon
 Early August to mid-September
Steelhead Trout
 Mid-August to early November (catch and release only)
This river is located in Ninilchik which is a 35-40 minute drive south of Soldotna
 Deep Creek

Salt Water
 King Salmon
 1st Run: early May to late June

2nd Run: late June to early August
Resurrection Bay is a beautiful 1 ½ hour drive across the peninsula East of Soldotna to Seward
 Resurrection Bay
 Silver Salmon
 Early July to late September
The Homer Spit is located only a 1hour and 15 minutes South of Soldotna
 Homer Spit
 King Salmon
 1st Run: mid-May to early July

2nd Run: Last stocked 1999, some available July-August
Silver Salmon
 Early August to mid-September
Dolly Varden
 Mid-May to mid-July
This cove is located in Kachemak Bay.  It is a 1 hour and 15 minute drive to Homer; then a 25 minute boat ride across Kachemak Bay to Halibut Cove
 Halibut Cove
 King Salmon
 Mid-May to early July
Clam digging is conveniently located on the beaches of Cook Inlet from 20-40 minutes drive South of Soldotna
 Clam Gulch, Deep Creek and Polly Creek
 Razor Clams
 All year, on -2ft tides or lower
1. There may be emergency closures on all fisheries at any time. However, emergency closures are more likely to affect both Kenai River king salmon runs, both Russian River red runs and the Kenai River silver salmon run.
 2. Open seasons and legal tackle varies greatly.  Consult regulations closely when fishing the Kenai River.

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